Kenilworth- The Land of Doughnuts and Cheese

Kenilworth- The Land of Doughnuts and Cheese

There are many places you can drive to about an 1 1/2 hours from Redcliffe, but few are quite as cute as Kenilworth, and its very kid and pupper friendly!

You’re going to want to make sure you have an esky, a picnic blanket and a bag of change and notes…I’ll explain later.

Firstly there are about fifty six thousand ways to get there. 

If you love a wild road, take the Nambour exit, head up through Mapleton and over the Obi Obi Track out to Kenilworth. If you’re a bit nervous on winding range roads don’t go that way, you will not have a good time.  

You can zoom out through Landsborough and Maleny or take the Eumundi Kenilworth Rd exit, there are seriously so many ways we love to choose a different one each time, and go exploring. Sure sometimes I have to say “No, turn around we are not taking the car up that hill” or “Is this some sort of joke to you? How do you think that is safe?” But mostly it’s fine…I’m almost kidding.

Whichever way you decide to go, I highly recommend your first stop is The Kenilworth Bakery, they have the most incredible donuts, you can tell by the line it’s going to be great. Although the line is insanely long at times, I promise it usually moves pretty quickly. Just be sure you’re in the right one, there’s actually two shops a savoury bakery and the donut bakery.

They’re well know for great donuts but I think what gained everyone’s attention was their 1kg

 Challenge, you can choose either a donut or sausage roll, I’d go the donut but I just don't think I could do it.  The current record is 1min 59 sec for the donut and 58 sec for the sausage roll! I cannot even imagine! If you do it, I would love to see, make sure you tag me in your pics! I will mention that you do need to pre order at least the day before, would hate for you to be disappointed. 

Personally we stick to the standard sized (extremely delicious) ones, jam, Oreo, biscoff, you get the idea, there are so many and I’ve never tried one that wasn’t amazing. Even pupper Jim gets in on the action with his own dog donut, too cute! 

There is a super cool mural down the lane way that separates the two shops it’s worth a wander down, and most weekends they have an artist playing live music, which is awesome, the kids loved it (so did I).  I think the best place to eat them is across the road in the park though, it’s usually quite busy but so large and with such great equipment the kids have a ball. This is when you’ll be glad you threw the picnic blanket in the boot just in case you can’t get a bench. 

There are plenty of cute shops to explore after you’ve had your sugar rush, and after that if you head down the back of Charles Street you’ll find a great little spot to explore along the Mary River.  The kids had a ball skipping stones and exploring the riverbank, it had flooded recently when we were up last so there was a lot to explore.

Once you’re ready for lunch check out Kenilworth Dairies,  Poppa’s cafe serves up a whole host of things, but to be honest why would you go past the Ploughman’s Grazing Platter for Two?  This is the moment you’re going to think, “Oh man I’m, so glad we brought a small esky or cooler bag with us so we can stock up on delicious cheese and yoghurt!” You’re welcome! 

There’s two great ways to come home once you're finished with all Kenilworth has to offer, if you’ve got the time and you’re in no rush squeeze in both.

Leaving Kenilworth pop Point Glorious Lookout into Google maps, this should take you out through Gheerulla and Belli Park then off down Buckby road which winds its way all around the Mapleton Forestry Reserve, it’s amazingly gorgeous and well worth the detour. It recommends 4WD, we have a Kia Sorento and it was no issue, I also saw a lot of bikes out there and something like a Camry…but use your own noggin to decide if it’s for you.

Once you’ve checked out Point Glorious Lookout (or if you’re not going there, when you leave Kenilworth) pop in Wappa Dam or Wappa Falls, the drive alone is lovely but the falls are amazing, a two minute walk from the car and they really are a lovely sight. The dam is pretty cool but it really brings it’s A game in early winter, when all the maple trees turn their leaves golden oranges and vibrant reds before they drop and cover the the ground like a crunchy carpet. 

There’s so much to do in the whole hinterland area, but thats just what we like to check out when we head to Kenilworth with the kids and the dog, it would possibly be a little different if we weren’t taking them along with us. I’d probably spend the night somewhere and definitely check out the old pub! 

So when youre next looking for a day trip, why not check out The Land of Doughnuts and Cheese, pack up the car, take the kids and the dog, have a great day! 

And say it with me, one more time…..esky, picnic blanket, bag of change. 


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