A Bowl of Christmas Cheer

A Bowl of Christmas Cheer

This bowl of Christmas cheer takes me back to my Grandma’s kitchen, she passed over a decade ago so it’s always a welcome trip down memory lane coming up to Christmas. I can’t remember exactly when she used to make her puddings, but we mix up a big jar sometime between late October and mid November and it sits on the bench getting a daily stir. Some years we’ve been a bit late with it, and it never feels like Christmas is on the way, till we stir this cheery bowl up.

 You can use this to whip up a Christmas fruit cake, use as pie filling, wrapped up in puff pastry as scrolls. Or my favourite, a cup of Christmas Cheer mix with the juice of half an orange heated in a small saucepan and poured over ice cream. Yum!

This is enough to make the Christmas Cake recipe, I use a large square tin and have enough to make six muffin sized ones too…so if you’d like to have some Christmas Cheer left over, you’ll need to do more.

Christmas Cheer

1.8kg of mixed fruit, I use 1kg of the best quality fruit mix I can find and make the remaining 800g up with a pack of peel and a tonne of glacé cherries.

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 tbs cocoa powder

1/2 tbs each of cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup (and an extra free pour) of spirits of your choice, think rum, brandy, sherry, whiskey. My favourite combo is Irish whiskey, brandy and Cointreau.




Mix the fruit and spices, then add the spirits and mix well. Give another little free pour if needed so it’s well coated. The longer you leave it the better it gets, and sneaking a cherry from the jar is a good cure for when you’re feeling a bit of the “End of Year Stress” creeping on.

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