Bumpy Bush Track Wreaths

Bumpy Bush Track Wreaths

This is less of a recipe and more of a…loose instructional, yes that sounds good!
What makes it great is that it’s super chunky- you don’t chop up anything (except the choc ripple biscuits) and of course it looks adorable in the wreath shape, especially with a bow popped on top!

1 block milk chocolate
1 block dark chocolate
⁃ the best you can afford, melts or blocks whichever. Approx 350/360g total
150g standard size marshmallows (about half a packet)
100g or so of raspberry lollies
1/4 pack of choc ripple biscuits smashed into chunks

All your favourites! Here are some of mine
⁃ Pineapple lumps
⁃ Banana lollies
⁃ Pretzels
⁃ Macadamias
⁃ Glacé cherries
⁃ Clinkers
⁃ Blackcurrant pastilles
⁃ Jersey caramels
The possibilities are endless, but do choose at least two…the best part about it is the wild flavour combos you come across in each piece.

Line a ring pan with baking paper

Breakup and melt the chocolate together, I can never be faffed with a double boil, so I just do it in the microwave on low for thirty seconds then stir, then 10- 15 second increments stirring after each blast.
Don’t over do it, be careful…burnt chocolate is disgusting and will be ruined, plus you’ll stink out the house.

If you’re not confident with that, use the double boil method, much less risky.

Once that’s all melted, pour in your additions, and mix to coat everything.

Then transfer to the ring pan.
Make sure everything is packed in well and all touching.
Allow it to cool and start to set then pop in the fridge to finish it off.

To package up as a gift, pop it on a cake board, add a bow and wrap with cellophane. Delightfully festive and ridiculously delicious!

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