Gifts for the Grandies

Gifts for the Grandies

Gifting for Grandparents, Parents and Great Grandparents can feel similar to gifting the Queen, they just seem to have everything!

While she and Phillip were wrapped with their wedding gift from Queensland- 500 tins of pineapple-  that’s probably not suitable as a Christmas gift for your Mother and Father In-law…I mean, just storing it would be a huge hassle….

I’ve come up with a couple of gems, so you can support local and gift them something they’ll love. 

 That Creative Studio 

This one could almost fit into any category and I totally LOVE it! 

Katy from That Creative Studio describes herself as a “Kick@ss Miracle Worker” which I love and I can’t disagree with! 

She usually finds herself working on logos and other branding projects, she is a fantastic illustrator and has recently branched out to offer the most whimsical caricatures, they are just divine! Imagine footy teams, fishing, baking, sporty, themed ones, whatever your people are into, she can capture it. I love them!
She’s also just launched a super joyful KidArt Collab service, it’s very cute, you send in your child’s artwork and she digitally enhances and colours it so you have have an amazing printable masterpiece. So cool!
You can find her on Instagram contact her on 0424 605 410 or email her for more info



Penny Portraits 

When you have children, fur or human, you’re gifted this unexpected but brilliant opportunity to gift photos of them to YOUR parents.  It’s wonderful!

Not only (of course) would any Grandparent LOVE a gorgeous pic of their grandchild/grandpupper…but I mean they can hardly complain can they?

“Ugh what is this?” - not cool Nanna now the kids are crying.

The very best part is YOU can have copies too, so it’s a win, win, win.   

Penny Portraits Market Minis are 4 images for $40 sent to an album for you to choose which ones you like, then they’re yours to do as you wish…maybe you could print one on a T-shirt…or a coffee mug…or just pop it in a lovely frame - that’s probably the safest bet. 

You can catch the Penny Portraits Van for Redcliffe Market Mini’s on the following dates…
November 13th 20th 27th
December 4th 11th 18th

Penny Portraits on Instagram 

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