Gifts for the Ladies

Gifts for the Ladies

I find this section so simple! Mostly because it’s like writing my own Christmas wish list!  But also,  there are SO many wonderful local businesses it makes gifting for women super simple! 

I mean I’d love anything by Redraku, some pilates lesson at Body Reformers or maybe even an Orange Sherbet voucher, but we’re not here for me…unless your my husband he can treat this entire thing as my Santa wish list…

Nene & Bop


I hope by now you know how I feel about Karen of Nene & Bop, she’s not only an amazing human but her creations are so full of joy and so unique they make me grin like a toddler who has just spied chocolate cake!  

She offers the most divine leather bags with interchangeable straps and the sweetest, lightweight leather earrings. Wee leather Pocket Purses, they’re just lovely! You can find her online at the Redcliffe Art Gallery pop up store from Saturday 3rd- Friday 23rd December.
If you pop to her website and subscribe to her emails you’ll be able to keep up to date with any markets she has coming up. 


The Craft Haven 

This one is totally new to me, and I haven’t actually had a chance to make it down…but I really want to! 

Imagine a place where you can choose a piece of pottery, paint it up all beautifully and then pop back a week later, after it’s been through the kiln, to collect your masterpiece. 

No dry crispy hands from clay work, no waiting fifty months for classes or courses, no wheel throwing or building, just the very best part, the fun part, the creative painting part!

You can book a specific workshop or book a space to choose your own piece and paint.  Booking a seat is around $10 and covers your booking fee, paints, glazing and firing up to 3 pieces.  The ceramic pieces themselves range from $7 to $70 and there’s so many to choose from, cutesy little statues to plates and large platters.  Gift Vouchers are available online, if you're buying one as a gift, remember to add a little extra so your recipient can buy their piece to paint too. 

You can buy gift vouchers, book your own space or find out any extra info on their website

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