Gifts for the Mids

Gifts for the Mids

The “mids” are a tricky little bunch, they’re not quite kids but neither are they teens…I suppose they’re “tweens” but I think if I called my son that, it wouldn’t be appreciated.  “Mids” kind of has a bit of a cooler vibe about it…I think, I mean he often calls me “bro” so my finger must be somewhere at least near the pulse.


Redcliffe Cycles 

Celebrating 40 years Redcliffe Cycles has been providing the Peninsula with all we need for our cycling needs since 1977.  I always thought that buying a bike, was just buying a bike…but then I started looking. My gosh it’s tricky! I think it’s made far easier by having an expert talk you through it all, and where better than a store that’s been operating over four decades! 

You can shop online, but to be honest just head on in store and have a pro help you out.

You’ll find them at 516 Oxley Ave

Mon - Fri 8:30-5

Saturday 8:30-4

or check out their website for more details



Undersea Putt & Play 

This one is too easy, it’s such great fun!

I don’t know if my two prefer the putt putt or the arcade games best, but I know they love both.  It’s such a good idea to gift something they can use over the loooooooong summer holidays! You can buy gift cards online, and either just use the code generated to book online or print your own voucher.

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