Gifts for the Teachers

Gifts for the Teachers

 This time of year there’s always a post floating around, something like - “what teachers hate to get”
Truly I have never met a teacher who wasn’t grateful for any gift they receive, a drawing, a card, just being thought of and appreciated is lovely, for anyone.

Actually that’s not entirely true, there was one who (and this is hilarious) was gifted a mug with the student’s face on it…like what? To be fair, it wasn’t so much that she wasn’t grateful…perplexed is probably more accurate? 

Where do you use that?
I mean you can’t use it at school…that would surely imply favouritism.
Do you take it home and use it there?
Can you imagine whipping out a mug with little Timmy’s face on it for your neighbour’s cuppa when they pop over?

I also want you to think for a second how many children they will teach over their career…they can’t have fifty million baubles with children's faces or names on them adorning their Christmas tree either. 

So aside from basically anything with your child’s face on it, or the obviously completely inappropriate ones… I don’t know that you can really go wrong?

Here are a few local ideas that I think are great.  

A Voucher 

Whether it be for a local coffee shop, the local IGA or bakery, maybe for a meal or lunch? A voucher for something consumable is pretty well guaranteed to be well received... here’s a few of my favourites…

Drift Coffee Co Scarborough

Boneyard Espresso

IGA Newport 

Flour and Chocolate 

It’s a great idea to check with your favourite local coffee shop to ask if they do gift vouchers, most are more than happy to.  Plus you get to share an amazing local place you love, and gift something useful at the same time. Win. Win. Pic is from my newest local Sidonié Patisserie & Bolangerie at Newport…drool!

Suds by the Ocean 

Who doesn’t need soap? I mean I have a nice little stash in my drawer but it could always use a top up. Naomi’s soaps are natural, ethical and cruelty free plus they’re made right here on the peninsula and have cute names like; Christmas in the Peninsula,  Suttons Sea-lixir, Strawberry Sunsets in Newport and my son’s personal favourite…Elves Farts! 

Shop Suds by the Ocean 


Personalised Stamps and Stickers 

These aren’t local, but man they’re good. You can pick them up anywhere online, but I’ll link to a lady in Brisbane because that kind of counts right? We’ve just put our order in and I can’t wait to see them! 

Little Miss Hensley


A Sweet Treat

I do love a sugar cookie, although I’ve never had the courage to attempt them myself, they look very tricky. Plus I think everyone would feel more comfortable if any baked goods came from a registered kitchen…

These are like little sweet pieces of art, I think they are divine, and can only be made only better by personalising them…which of course is an option! 
Plus they can be made, gluten free, dairy free and vegan.





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