Gifts from the Heart

Gifts from the Heart

Picking the perfect present is a wonderful gesture, and lord knows (with how crazy the shops can be this time of year) it’s not always straightforward or easy but…

Isn’t there just something a little extra special about gifting something you have made with your own hands? The time, the creativity, the skill, everything you make- has a little part of you in it. The gift you make- was made while thinking of the recipient.

I think homemade gifts have been given a bad “wrap” (pun!) and I think it’s time to change that. 

Last year I read an article about “unapologetically gifting homemade” and I’ve come to realise that I will happily gift homemade to people who I think will appreciate the love that has been poured into them, my children, my parents, select friends.  When I’m gifting homemade, it’s to the people I love the most. 

Out of all the gifts that Santa has delivered over the years, and other Christmas gifts I’ve received,  there’s two I remember vividly.

1- The white Barbie Ferrari Santa left under the tree for the Christmas of 1989

2- The beautiful cane basket my mum made me to carry my ballet shoes in.  It was a dark cane she added lids to the top so it could close. They were covered in dusky blue floral fabric and she stitched teeny tiny sequins & beads all over and edged it with sweet white lace.

There’s no denying the Barbie Ferrari was très chic, and I’m sure it cost Santa a pretty penny…but the basket was just so special, I remember it as clear as anything, I wish I still had it.  

Somehow I still have the Barbie car (which I suppose deserves a  to Mattel’s “quality workmanship”) but I don’t know I would remember it as well if it wasn’t around.

 I know I will never forget that basket though, it was made just for me, by my Mum.


Doesn’t that say something?
I think it will either a- flip your perspective on the value of homemade
b- cement what you already knew…gifting homemade is something deeply personal and so very special.  Something we unintentionally reserve for those who mean the most to us. 

So this Christmas I encourage you to consider unapologetically gifting homemade, because I think, it really is what Christmas is all about, showing your nearest and dearest how much you care.



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