The Catered Christmas

The Catered Christmas

Some families love spending the day in the kitchen together, cooking, laughing enjoying the simple, special moments.   Like listening to favourite carols and Christmas songs, while familiar scents fill the house, carrying treasured memories with them.
Maybe the kids are in the pool, or chasing their cousins about the house, there’s wrapping all over the floor and it’s the craziest, absolute best type of mess. 

Eventually though, someone always has to do the dishes, the pack up, and run the dishwasher fifteen times. 
Usually once everything’s finally done, (sometimes even days later) you’ll find me on the couch adding a reminder to my calendar on the 20/11 the following year, with something like…

“Have Christmas out next year, don’t have it at home again! ” 

And its becoming more popular with lots of families, all over.

 Generally speaking it’s quite expensive to go out Christmas Day and dine, and so it should be, I hope staff are getting paid ridiculously well to miss time with their family to cater for someone else’s.  It’s certainly not a solution to a budget Christmas, but I think we can all understand the lure of no one having to do anything. 

As I was putting this together two places announced they were fully booked! So if you want to book, be snappy! 

Sunny’s Margate Beach 

 Sunny’s is offering Christmas by the beach, with a 2 hour buffet Brunch from 10:30 am Christmas Day, The menu will be buffet style and include a 2 hour beverage package, soft drinks and wine. 

How lovely to spend the morning looking out over the beach and relaxing with your family. At $229 + booking fee for adults, it’s a little pricier than some other places that are available, but the menu looks amazing, some options include;

Fresh coffin bay oysters w/ cucumber vinaigrette

Moreton Bay Bugs w/ chimmichuri

Chorizo scrambled eggs, fresh herbs

Honey and bourbon glazed ham on the bone

Roasted pumpkin, thyme bechamel, sumac hazelnut crumble

Macaroni, bacon, broccoli, currants, buttermilk dressing (salad)

Scallop and dill frittata, caviar and crème fraiche

 House made granola, wild honey yogurt, summer berry compote

Waffles, biscoff, fresh fruit, sweet cream

 Pavlova, chantilly cream, fresh fruit

Yum right? It looks like it will be an amazing brunch, with the most amazing food, overlooking the beach- perfect!


The Deli by B&A

What if you have the perfect place to be for Christmas you just don't want to prepare it? You might want to stay home, or perhaps head to the beach?

The Deli has you covered with their Gourmet Christmas Hampers, packed full of the best.  Pepe Saya Salted Cultured Butter and Artisanal Sourdough, Marinated Mount Zero Australian Wild Olives, Pickled Baby Figs, Maffra Ashed Cloth Matured Cheddar, Coal River Camembert, German Butchery Nitrate Free Smoked Ham, Julianne’s Kitchen Duck & Shiraz Pate, Puddings on the Ritz Christmas Pudding, The Deli’s White Christmas Slice and so much more, I’ve barely even mentioned a third of it. 

They come in a few sizes, and include a ham bag to store your lovely ham in. 

2 $285 500g freshly shaved ham

4-6 $350 2.5kg quarter boneless ham

8-10 $465 4.5kg boneless ham

You can add one their super popular salads, a catering size will serve around 10, for $60 

-Greek lemon herb & confit garlic potato salad

-Moroccan roast vegetable salad

-Green goddess salad

Pre-Orders close 10th December, pop in store to order, or flick them a message on Facebook, Instagram or email

 Mid Coast Graze / Bramble Bay General 

Another option for an amazing platter, is these guys…they’re almost siblings I suppose. Hayleigh will happily make you a grazing board, platter or box to suit your needs. Dairy free, Gluten Free, Vegan you name it I’m sure she can do it! 

We’ve used her boxes for a picnic date and it was amazing, it looks like this wee neatly packed little thing and then you open it up and it becomes something like Mary Poppin’s bag, things just keep coming out of it! 


There’s so many more options, both for dining in and catered at home! 

Plenty of places to take care of your Christmas this year! Check out a few extra’s below, including the ones I’ve featured in the Christmas Produce section.

Fetta Juli-Etta

Your Local IGA Clontarf or Newport  

Redcliffe Tavern 


Soul Harvest Foods

Flour and Chocolate 

Whittakers Seafood 

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