First Avenue

First Avenue

There’s many a mystery around the peninsula and the one that comes up most frequently, is that of First Avenue in Scarborough.

There’s a Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth…but where’s first? 

If you’ve never noticed, take one minute to check it out….here

I’ve heard all different stories, that it’s the sandbar that can be seen at low tide, it’s the old (now gone) Scarborough Jetty. I’ve even heard people (quite a few) claim that they, with their very own eyes, watched it wash into the ocean during a cyclone sometime in the fifties. Unfortunately the real answer isn’t quite as exciting as all that. 


A long time ago (think 1880’s) a lot of Scarborough point was owned by a Dr William Hobbs, he was quite an interesting character, but he probably needs a whole story of his own… 

Hobbs and presumably the other landowners decided to divide their blocks up and sell them off, roads were put in and they were sold at auction on Easter Monday the 26th April 1886. 

Image Source State Library of Queensland 

You can see on the sales map the street names started with First Avenue went all the way up to Ninth Avenue and The Esplanade. First Ave has now been renamed North Quay, and Seventh Ave is Scarborough Road.  That wee triangle where first, fifth and seventh meet is where Bay Boats the fish and chip shop now is, which by the way, has been around for over 70 years! How impressive is that! Bay Boats has some great pictures up on their walls of what the corner has looked like over the years, they also do an amazing Pumpkin Scallop which I highly recommend you try. 


 So that’s seriously it, that’s the answer to the mystery of First Avenue Scarborough. It’s just been renamed, I do love the idea of it washing away in a cyclone though, very dramatic.  It’s my favourite myth by far, and people get very passionate about the validity of it for some reason. In fact I would recommend not bringing it up on social media - it doesn’t end well. You’ll most likely be called a liar with a whole host of cussy adjectives thrown in for good measure. It’s really not worth the trouble, trust me!

And if you would like to believe that a great big cyclone came and washed First Avenue right off the tip of Scarborough Point in a brutal catastrophic storm surge…go for it, who am I to stop you? I heard if you dive off the tip you can still find household objects from the homes that washed away that fateful night…that is as true as the cyclone story, but you know what they say “in for a penny, in for a pound”!


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