All About Local History

All About Local History

Every place has it’s stories…


Some are factual, some are more just plausible rumours and some are completely outrageous.  I love hearing them told by people who lived it, I love digging through pages and pages of documents and photos and sifting the fact from the fiction.

But one thing I always keep in mind…something my grandfather has always said…

“Never let the facts interfere with a good story”…


 So if you're looking for a super accurate (lets be honest, quite often boring) history lesson about the Peninsula, this is not your space.  If you want to hear historical tales, embellished with emotion and the odd stretching of the truth. You’ve found what youre looking for!


Obviously I will always try make sure things are accurate, I’m not going to be making wild claims like the original Scarborough Jetty was made of gold, or that Queen Elizabeth II laid the first brick of the Houghton Highway toll ends.

And you will know when I’m utilising my creative license, I promise! But history is amazing and should be fun and exciting, not stuffy and smelling of moth balls!

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