Messy Memories

Messy Memories

I don't know about you, but the thought of different coloured play doh’s smooching together sends a cold shiver down my spine. 

When my two were little we did “sensory play” but no where near as much as I probably should have, and it was usual more practical than play.  We did a lot of things together like gardening and cooking, I could pretend it was an intentional and curated Montessori or Steiner approach…

But I just kind of hate play doh and the mess that comes along with coloured shaving foam and finger paints.  Even now the kids are older, the thought of mixing slime makes me cringe but to be fair, every time it’s managed to weasel it’s way into our house…it’s ended up in someone’s hair. 

If you have little in your life and (like me) can’t handle the sensory play set up at home, let me introduce you to Bianca.  An amazing local mum with a Bachelor of Education, over a decade of experience teaching young minds, and a self proclaimed “Fun Facilitator”. 

After having her first baby, this brilliant woman saw a gap she is more than qualified to fill and created “Mess Memories” right here in Scarborough to make sensory play easy and accessible for all!


I love this whole concept so much, I’m sure everyone knows the benefits of sensory play for children, but sometimes I think we forget it’s important for the parents too. To be able to enjoy a new experience with your child and see the look of wonder of their face, it’s so special. 

The sessions Bianca prepares are amazing, they’re always themed and feature a whole bunch of different activities, all designed to give your Littles a sensory smorgasbord to explore, squishing clay, pouring sand, sorting stones, squelching slime. 

The fact you just walk away at the end, leaving all the pack down to Bianca…that’s just the cherry on top really. 

You can find out more information about Bianca’s Messy Memories sessions, you can check out her socials here and here or pop over to her website to book. 

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