Delightful Dining

Delightful Dining

There is something inexplicably magical about dining outdoors, whether it’s fish and chips at the beach, a picnic at the park or an all in amazing alfresco dining experience, the food just somehow tastes better. Everything is just better!

We’re blessed that we can dine outdoors basically all year round, although Autumn and Winter are favourite times of mine. There’s less flies, mozzies and other creepy crawlies, and although there’s still glorious sun, rare is there sunburn.  You can find a spot dappled with shade along the shore, and you most likely don’t even need to pack your own gazebo or umbrella. It’s a truly wonderful time of the year!

While using the many perfectly positioned council shelters is completely fine, sometimes you just need something extra special. Recently a lovely friend moved overseas, so we threw her a beautiful picnic as a farewell.  We all had such a great time, we had a dining table and a lounge area set up, we were so comfortable I think we could have stayed the whole weekend! I know it seems like a bit of faff, and you're not going to do it every weekend, but I truly can’t put into words how nice it was to sit for hours so comfortably at the seaside!  


It’s certainly something you can do yourself, in fact nearly everything we used came from my house. The table we have for camping, our dining chairs, the cane look lounges I have in the front room, I even took down the big euro pillows from my bed! 

If diy isn’t your thing check out Picnics By The Bay they can take care of the set up for two to thirty guests, provide platters for two to four or put you in contact with local providers for catering for larger groups. How delightfully simple is that!? 


But if you love having a go yourself, here’s what we did...

We picked a spot under the trees at the end of Sunnyside Road on Endevour Esplanade mostly because its beatiful but also Gateau & Co park up and serve great coffee and amazing pastries most weekends from about 7am. I know, genius. 

We made sure to have a full size table and folding chairs with backs, much more comfortable than the ground or a bench seat. While the four of us are basically spring chickens, it’s important to think about who your guests are their ages and mobility. You don’t want 82 year old Great Nanna navigating a cushion on the floor. 

An extra little table isn’t a bad idea, you want to make sure you have space where you're eating and not constantly be saving things from getting knocked. 

I think the trick to a great table setting, whether its inside or out is just going for it, all in!

Tablecloth, runner, placemats, coasters, napkins, multiple glasses, greenery. You get the idea, the more the merrier!

Gorgeous glasses or a few linen napkins can make everything seem extra special, even Kmart has some great stuff that’s ridiculously affordable, if you don't have it already. The amazing tumblers we used were $14 for 6 and you can pick up a two pack of linen look napkins from Kmart for about $2. Just tie a knot in them and slip in a Rosemary cutting, a flower either fresh or dried, anything really!

A couple of bamboo stakes and some bunting makes everything look festive, I think the more that you have laying around the house you can use the better, I borrowed bunting from my daughters bedroom, the only things I bought were the glasses (which I’ll use daily) the napkins (probably not daily but they will get used again) cake forks and a champagne bucket, for some reason didn’t have either of those which seems insane, so I’m glad I fixed that! 

However you do it, I’m sure it will be magic because, well you’re dining outside so that’s magic on it’s own, and anything done with a bit of effort and a tonne of love is always magical. 

 If you do set up an amazing picnic I’d love to see! Tag me @locally_redcliffe so I can see your pics!

I will note that there are currently no public places within the Moreton Bay Regional Council area that it is legal to consume alcohol. You can be issued on the spot fines for consuming alcohol in public in a non designated area. Some surrounding councils have “wet zones” for example it may be that alcohol can be consumed at a certain bbq area between 10am and 8pm or something like that. But not here, so maybe your bubbles are alcohol free, or maybe you stick to the soda and teas, but let it be known that I mentioned it…


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