Drift Coffee Company

Drift Coffee Company

Theres something a bit special about Drift Coffee Company at Scarborough, I think my son summed it up well, without quite realising. 

“Mum, this hits the Grandma vibes, hard” which from him is a big compliment.

It’s his way of saying eclectically curated antiques and/or pre loved items, you know “Grandma Vibes”.  The space looks modern, and is so well styled, but then you look a little closer and see a little clearer…

There’s a record player, and an old singer sewing machine tucked in near the counter. You notice the tables and chairs are very “authentic” they’re not new style cane and glass they’re the kind your mum might have had, and the nicks and dents in the huge farm style table show that it has been the host of many, many, meals - more than could of been served in the 18 months Drift has been open.

We ordered breakfast for the three of us, Yoghurt Granola, Ham and Cheese Butter Croissant (with Brie- drool) and a plate of Drifters Waffles. As you'd expect the food was amazing, it looked just as good as it tasted, adorned with edible flowers and gorgeously bright fresh fruit and berries. The servings were huge, I couldn’t finish the granola even with the kids helping, and we all had to tackle the waffles too.

What really made me smile, other than the violets and the perfectly sliced grapefruit half-moons on my plate, was the little shot glass the glossy syrup came in. I know there’s a set so similar in my Mum’s cupboard, it was a sweet nostalgic surprise.  Oh and the plates!  I can’t quite remember who owned a set of the brown ones but I know I’ve eaten many meals off those exact ones as a child.


The kids delighted in the sweet souvenir teaspoons that came with our coffee and hot chocolates. I feel like mine was clearly the best - a 3D frill-neck Lizard, but my daughter would try to tell you her’s was better (Daydream Island I think) but she’s 7, she’s got no idea. (If you don't quite know me well enough by now, it’s ok I’m joking!).

 You should have seen their little faces when they were told the they could play with the record player. You should have seen mine actually! I was instantly thrown back to being a child and thought, “Oh no, we’re not allowed to do that, we might damage the needle or scratch the record!” Then I realised I’m 35 years old and an adult woman was telling us to go for it, plus I needn’t fear - the likelihood of my Dad coming out from the back to rouse on us was pretty slim.

I had a quick chat with the owner Shay while she was making coffees, turns out the “Grandma vibes” was bang on, everything has been loved before and everything has a purpose.  Her ethos goes so much deeper that what you can easily see.

Sure, it’s the preloved fit out, the stock of small local makers that adorns the shelf in the front window, the vintage collection of plates and cutlery and the run of keep cups she tells me are on the way, the ones she’s commissioned a local potter to craft. But its more than that, it can been found in everything about Drift…

She has the fresh produce delivered each week from a lovely organic farm just at Mt Mee, serendipitously the farming couple once called Scarborough home themselves, just a few streets back in fact. 

The baking is all done onsite, each Saturday you can find a line up outside looking to nab a cupcake taste sensation, the Banoffee is incredible and I’ll never turn down a Sticky Chai cupcake and while the in house bakes aim to be vegan and gluten free, all dietary requirements can be catered for with some notice. 

The puppy cookies that sit up on the bench near the coffee machine are made by the hands of a local baker, they are so cute and have plenty of nourishing ingredients for the pups like banana and pumpkin. Of course puppies are always welcome and there’s always some about, Coco the little sweetie and all the friendly visitors out on the deck. My daughter was in heaven, she wanted to pat and smooch every last one. 

She even has pre made “pay it forward” cards, that she can hand out to anyone who looks like they might need some cheering up, or are having a rough time of it. It’s that kindness and thoughtfulness that underpins the choices that have been made for Drift, and it really shows. 

I really love finding out all the little things about a business that we’re not usually privy to. We don't always have time to chat away with someone, or the time to notice all the little things about the place. On the flip side of that, between staff, stock, paperwork, socials, menus, all the big picture and day to day stuff, our local business owners don't always have the time (or capacity) to let us know.

You’d be left feeling more than happy to walk in, see the great decor, have an amazing breakfast, great coffee and duck out again. That would be a wonderful local dining experience, but will it not feel that bit extra special now knowing all the thought and care that has gone into it? Doesn’t it feel so nice knowing that this space has been lovingly created in the hope it will bring you joy?

There are big things on the way for Drift, I can’t wait to see Shay and the team take it to the next level, and now knowing her passion and values…I’m certain it will be absolutely incredible. 




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