The Fairy Trees

The Fairy Trees

We were lucky enough to to stumble upon the wildest, brightest, incredibly colourful and crazy Fairy Tree’s the other week.  It was by pure chance, we were looking for a place to park the car,  Sunday of the Food and Wine Festival.

The creator’s name is Paul Mondientz, you can find a little heart plaque he’s placed on one of the tree’s, it reads…


I Paul Mondientz found the gnomes and fairies in the bark and brought them to life so all can see as my gift to Redcliffe and all humanity in the name of God love to all”.

Regardless which side of the religious fence you sit on -I mean it’s probably more if a hedge maze with plenty of winding twists and turns, and so many different options, rather than a fence isn’t it! But I’m sure you get what I mean.  It’s just lovely to see someone doing something purely to bring joy to others. 

I’m so glad we found them, the kids spent ages exploring each one, and we plan to head back so we can have a little more time. 


The best way to visit would be to park in Hawthorne Street at Woody Point, where it meets View Street and head straight into the park, you really can’t miss


I think what we will do next time though is pack a picnic and head down to the Parkour Park at the end of Victoria Ave, then we’ll cross Honibrook  Esplanade at the Bowls Club and walk up to the park.  The kids can have a great play and explore before we head back to the Parkour Park for a picnic and a play. I’d love to park down at Crockatt Park grab a coffee and walk over, but there’s just not a lot of safe crossings and that section of Hornibrook Esplanade is notoriously tricky. 

So on a day of fine weather, head on down the kids will without a doubt be delighted! 


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