The Redcliffe Show

The Redcliffe Show

There are two types of people in this world...

The first type are those who hate the Redcliffe show, they see a stinky mud pit (why does it ALWAYS rain!) full of crappy show-bags, dangerous looking rides and “showies” who will charge you three bucks to pay by card after telling you they don't accept cash... (true story!)

Then there’s the second type they (intentionally or not) turn a blind eye to all the above nonsense. They wear their gumboots, only buy the Bertie Beetle Bags, Bumper Cars and Clowns are their sideshow alley choices and they sync their Ferris Wheel ride with the fireworks...
They find it adorable in it’s ironic cuteness, a grasp at the past perhaps?


I’m the second type, I love the Redcliffe Show, although I don’t deny the facts the first type see...I just choose to ignore them! I could go without the rides, games and show bags, entirely in fact, if it wasn’t for the kids.
I’ve come to realise that there is one major difference from the first type (the haters) and the second type (the lovers).

The lovers, seem to spend way more time in the little halls and sheds than the haters.
And it’s in those tiny halls, behind the glass of polished timber cabinets, proudly hanging on hooks and perfectly placed on shelves and stands, that you’ll find what the lovers love, you’ll find our community.
It’s where you’ll find the cake competition, the school work, the giant cabbages and pumpkins, the roses grown in local gardens.
The fruitcakes and scones, the orchids and herbs.
The lady demonstrating spinning wool to yarn, the Beekeepers and the Wood Turners.
You’ll find the knitting, needlework, pottery, painting, sculpting and photography.


That’s what I love about the Redcliffe Show. That’s Redcliffe, that’s us, that’s our community.
But we’re going to lose it, each year there seems to be fewer entrants.

Poor old Mavis can’t keep baking fruitcakes because, quite frankly, her arthritis has set in and she can mix well anymore and since his wife Mertle passed Bert just doesn’t have the energy to tend his roses anymore.
To be clear, Mavis, Mertle and Bill are not real people, but you get the idea...

Who is going to take their places? It has to be us and I do get it-

Claire isn’t baking up perfect scones to drop down to the Show Society, she’s got P&C meetings and four kids, with fifty two extra curricular activities...each!
James hasn’t got time for growing pumpkins, he works away 16 days a week and coaches footy, netball and soccer, simultaneously every Saturday!

But if we don’t, like some self fulfilling prophecy the first type of people will be right. All that will be left of The Redcliffe Show is the crappy showbags, wild rides and scoundrel Showies, ripping everyone off as we trudge around knee deep in mud.

I will not have it, and I hope you wont either.

I want to see four scones perfectly presented on a plate and beautifully baked fruitcakes.

I want to see what’s growing in local gardens, the big green cabbages, the giant pumpkins and even the chokos.

I want to see it this year, and the next and the next.

I want to take my Grandkids to see it and my children to take me to see it when I’m wheelchair bound.

So I’m entering!
What categories? I’m not entirely sure, perhaps scrapbooking and a Christmas decoration?
Do I hope to win? Yep!
No, not ribbons or certificates, just that it keeps going. That’s my win! 


So if you can, enter something! It’s doesn’t have to be amazing, just have a go! Get the kids involved or have a craft and drinks afternoon with some friends!
If you really can’t, and you’re a Redcliffe Show hater, please go have a look in all those little shed’s and buildings, see what’s there! Become a Redcliffe Show lover!
(And vote for anything with my name on it for people’s choice please! Kidding!)

You can find the link for all the show exhibits and competitions by clicking the above picture, of Miss and I being brave on the Cha Cha! 

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