Herby Butter

Herby Butter

This is nothing special, as in it’s so simple… but to be fair it IS special because it just makes everything better, and the effort vs reward ratio is wonderful.  We all need things like this in the kitchen, they take five minutes but bring so much joy. Simple additions to what we already do, no one needs to be whipping up lemon meringue pies and pavlovas to find time spend in the kitchen enjoyable, and worth it. 

It’s really simple so much so, I’m not even going to list measurements.

-Soft butter

-Green leafy herbs (think dill, parsley, chives)  

-Salt to taste

You can add some garlic, if you’re keen? Ooh you could throw some lemon rind in there? Chopped chilli if you like a bit of heat? Whatever you like really.

You just roughly chop the herbs, smoosh them around with the salt in a bowl.

Add the soft butter and mix it well.

Lay out some baking paper and form it into a rough log.

It will last in your fridge about two weeks, or you can throw it in the freezer for a few months. Butter defrosts like an absolute gem! 

This little baby is bound to bring a smile to your face, I love eating it just on toast, or spread baby potatoes hot from the oven. Atop a piece of steak? Delightful! 

I think, if you're going to eat the butter, you may as well really enjoy it!

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