Egg Nog Ice Cream

Egg Nog Ice Cream

I think Egg Nog is disgusting…there I said it! 

It smells so good, but something about it, just isn’t right to me, maybe it’s the consistency? It must be, because I really love the flavour…

So naturally something had to be done and along came this beauty, it tastes like egg nog, but it doesn’t have the weird milk/not milk - custard/not quite custard thing going on. 


600ml cream

1 can condensed milk 395ml 

1 tbs vanilla bean paste 

2 tbs custard powder (I used the Foster Clarks brand)

1 tbs nutmeg 

1 tsp mixed spice 


Large loaf tin

Cling film or baking paper to line tin  


- Add condensed milk, vanilla bean paste, custard powder, nutmeg and mixed spice to a large bowl or your mixmaster bowl. 

- Start mixing on low speed until very well combined and just starting to increase in volume.

- Pour in cream and whip till fluffy big peaks form.

 * You really don’t want to over whip, watch it like a hawk. The second you lose the air and the cream starts to clump you’ll lose all the creamy and light ice cream texture. 

- Using a silicone spatula gently place spoonfuls into a large lined loaf tin. You want to maintain as much air as possible, be gentle and you’ll be rewarded with pillowy cloud like velvet ice cream. Smash it about and it will be dense and heavy.

- Pop it in the freezer for at least 4 hours 

- To serve remove from the freezer for at least ten mins to soften a little.  If you're wanting to be super organised and make serving extra easy, make the day before then the morning ofyou can scoop it all out into individual serves onto a tray, then pop it back into the freezer until you’re ready to serve. 


It’s perfect for Christmassy ice cream sandwiches squished between gingerbread, on top of plum pudding, and for topping Christmas morning pancakes! Honestly though, however you like! I think it would be great with a puddle of Baileys poured over, enjoyed late on Christmas Eve, maybe Santa might request it?  

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