Silly Faces

Silly Faces

I am not one for sensory play, I’ve mentioned it before here, but this is the kind of sensory experience I can get behind.  Take me back to 1991 and there was nothing better than creating (and then eating) a silly face biscuit! 

Icing so sweet your teeth hurt, the different textures of the lollies- both as you created it and as you chomped away.  You needed concentration and fine motor skills to sprinkle those teeny tiny 100’s and 1000’s



For one batch of icing (you’ll want 2) 

2 cups icing sugar 

1 tbs butter 

enough hot water to make a smooth paste

a few drops of food colour or 2 tbs cocoa

1 pack of arrowroot biscuits

The wildest lollies and sprinkles you can find, go crazy! - although a packet of candy teeth is ESSENTIAL…mostly for the laughs 



I am very rarely one to sift, if you can be faffed (or your icing sugar is particularly lumpy) sift the icing sugar into a bowl (and cocoa if you’re using it)

Drop in 1 tbs of butter 

Add hot water, start with 1 tbs and mix well, then add more a little at a time as needed. You want the consistency to be something like toothpaste.

I think the more colours of icing you have the better it is, you can divide a batch and add a couple of drops to each for different colours. 


I don't think this next part needs any instruction, but I’ll leave a few little tips. 

-spreading the icing with teaspoons is easiest

-you might need to keep giving it a stir so the top doesn't set 

-baking paper is the best to rest them on once their finished, you don’t want drips of icing everywhere. 

If you're like me and can’t handle messy play… just, I don’t know, walk away if they’re old enough! But honesty…join in! Have a go, embrace the mess, get creative!

And if it’s all too much go check out Messy Memories for sensory play!

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