The Second Best Sandwich Ever

The Second Best Sandwich Ever

I have intentionally left the place of Best Sandwich Ever for whatever you like.  There will be no number 1 because we will never agree, and it seems making a claim of “second best sandwich ever” is a little less likely to be argued with.

Maybe your number 1 is a Ruben? Or tuna salad? My number 1 is cheese and apple on white bread…but that’s not what we’re here for, we are here for the second best sandwich ever, and it’s a goodie. 


There is one contentious ingredient though…alfalfa.

You can leave it out if you want, I get it…but I urge you to just give it a go.

To be honest, I think this was a way parents of the 80’s and 90’s smuggled vegetables…maybe it was just super cheap back then? Who knows, it was everywhere though, in fact I think the general consensus was as long as children were fed multigrain bread and had alfalfa once a week they’d be as healthy as a horse. It was quite possibly the coconut oil of the era!


Ingredients (although that seems a bit too proper of a title considering it’s just a sandwich) 

Multigrain Bread - essential don’t swap it out

A good heaping of Peanut Butter - the crunchier the better.

A sprinkling of Sultanas

Grated Carrot - about a 1/4 cup per sandwich 

Alfalfa - I’ll let you decide but a the very least pop on a light feathering of the stuff


 Method (again, feels quite over the top I’m sure you’ve got this sorted) 

-Spread both slices of multigrain bread with crunchy peanut butter.

-Top one slice with the grated carrot, a sprinkling of sultanas, and a tuft of alfalfa.

-Smooch the slices together and go for it.

 If you’re a real sweet tooth you can add a wee bit of honey, but I wouldn’t bother.

These day’s it’s best eaten over a sink so all the bits that fall out don’t make a mess, however if you want to be truly authentic, send yourself outside on the grass. 

Perfect accompaniments include Fruit Cup Crush Cordial and a thick slice of Honey Swiss Roll you’ve picked up from the local bakery or if you do eat it outside on the grass, you really can’t go past a big slurp from the hose for true authenticity and a trip down memory lane.  


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