All Hail Hayley!

All Hail Hayley!

The Silly Season… 

It’s a time when we’re busy, when life can feel overwhelming, when the desire to live on coffee is (how we want the coffee) very strong.

It’s a time for partying, for drinking, for eating, for excess.

You might try to be good. 

But those ideas tend to disappear out the window once the Quality Street boxes hit the shelves and the champagne’s chilled. Then along comes the the promise that you’ll “get back on track come January” or “my New Years resolution will be to get healthy” - which is the vaguest resolution/goal EVER by the way…

But Hayley of HAIL fitness is encouraging us to finish off the year strong, the same way we want to start the next. 

Hayley began HAIL Fitness to help people heal through health and fitness, you can follow her on instagram, HERE
You’ll find…at first glance…exactly what you’d expect to I suppose. She’s a bright, strong, confident, healthy woman, so it may surprise you that she is someone who really knows just how wild the Silly Season can get. 

She has an incredible story.
It’s really best told in her own words (which you can read here) but if I were to sum it up…I would say, after a very traumatic childhood she was living in Sydney and treating most days like it was New Year’s Eve 1974 at Elton John’s house… 

Eventually, but not before some seriously scary moments, Hayley hung up the party shoes and slipped into a pair of trainers.

She left Sydney and travelled, she started training, she became a PT.

But she’d inadvertently swapped one addiction for another. It’s common right? People give up smoking and take up snacking all the time. But this was a little different…

Now she was addicted to training, 6 days a week with a 10k run added on top most days. It seems great doesn’t it? Training and keeping active are fantastic, what an awesome swap from trashing your body, to training your body…right? 

But that’s the things with addiction in all it’s forms, we ignore what’s best for our body and chase the “thing”…and when the “thing” is training that’s so complex.

She was obsessed with how she looked.
Obsessed and never happy.
She describes herself as “sick fit”.

We assume that if someone looks healthy on the outside, they must be healthy on the inside.

Someone who trains so often, works hard, runs 10k a day…they MUST be so healthy!  

Not only do we think what someone else looks like reflects their overall health, but we can do it to ourselves too.

We all have a tendency to forget how to listen to our body, especially when we’re busy, overwhelmed, under the pump. It’s easy ignore what it’s screaming at us, or get the message wrong. It says “rest rest!” We hear “drink more caffeine and get the job done?” 

It says “I’m showing you pain, rest you idiot!” We hear “slap some deep heat on it and keep going?” 

We often easily disconnect our mental health, from our physical health. 

Hayley was doing it too. 

Eventually after burning herself out completely and suffering stage 3 adrenal fatigue, she had to come clean with herself.
This was no way to live.
On the outside she seemed fit and healthy, but on the inside she felt far from it.

She changed.
She started caring about her health holistically, caring about the inside instead of just the outside. Listening to her body properly and actually getting the messages right. 

Hayley now lives an amazing, healthy, full and balanced life. It still has ups and downs like everyone’s obviously…but because she’s taking care of her whole self…not just the outside… she has the energy and stamina to deal with those tricky life events.

Long gone are the days of being so exhausted, she’d nap on the floor of the back room after training a client.

She’s been through it.
She knows how hard it is to change.
She knows how much work and commitment it takes to get there.
She knows the mistakes and all those things that seem right but aren’t.
She has, not only the professional experience, but something invaluable -the lived experience.

And she now makes a living sharing it with others, her and Beth -HAIL Fitness’ second trainer - see all types of clients, but they will tell you the thing they have in common is, they’re the ones who WANT to make the change. 

They’re ready. 

They’re willing to do the work on a deeper level.

Hayley and Beth are there to guide, to teach clients how to listen again, to connect with themselves. They’re just not the type of trainer who will flog you with some routine they found on Pinterest, give you zero guidance and have you eating broccoli and chicken for every meal. All the while, watching your soul slowly crumble as you get closer fitting into those low rise jeans you wore in 1998.

“We see our clients living a much more active lifestyle, and one where they have the strength, confidence and motivation to chase their dreams in life. We do this by teaching them to have a better relationship with their body and their self. 

We tailor our programs to help them achieve this by working through our four pillars which are Health, Attitude, Impact and Life.”- Hayley 

This is what I love, and what makes HAIL fitness special. There are fifty thousand gyms and twice as many PT’s about the place- great ones, fantastic ones!

With Hayley and Beth it’s deeper, there’s focus on your whole person…not just your booty in low rise jeans.

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