The Bump Bump Bridge

The Bump Bump Bridge

Karen is the creative, colour loving, effervescent artist and owner of NeNe & Bop a gorgeous handmade business right here in Redcliffe. Her business has evolved overtime and become a reflection of her own life living as an active mum, she has created a range of apparel and accessories that celebrate colour, comfort and ease.

Originally from the UK, Karen and her husband emigrated in 2010, they have lived on the Peninsula for over seven years now, she shared with me what she loves about the beautiful place we’re so lucky to call home. 


“I expected to experience new adventures on the other side of the world but what I didn’t expect was the beauty and clarity of light here. My artwork changed overnight as I was looking through a clear filter, like I was experiencing the vibrancy of colour for the first time.  

We count ourselves lucky to see the ocean daily, spot pelicans and  the odd dolphin, we have a love affair with the water.

The city is a stones throw away and I love that it’s visible from the bridge on a good day. Brisbane is a fantastic city and as a family we really enjoy all it has to offer but there’s something magical about driving across the bump bump bridge (as my kids call it) it’s when we know we are home.”   


Karen is completely gorgeous and I’m so happy to know her, I frequently spot people wearing her bright and beautiful artwork when I’m out and about. It makes me smile, not only does she manage to spread cheer wherever she goes, but she gives others the opportunity to do it too. She’s a joyous and light giving human and the world needs far more of them, I’m grateful she’s chosen to call Redcliffe home. 

Thanks Karen xx 


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