Lauren Rogers Art

Lauren Rogers Art

 She’s the person that you probably know, or someone you know, knows her… I’m sure of it. If you live on the Peninsula there are definitely less than three degrees of separation from Lauren to you.  Lauren is always out and about volunteering in the community, on a board here, or a committee there, (I first met Lauren on our kindy committee).

So if you haven’t come across Lauren before, or you haven’t quite worked out your three degrees of separation, let me introduce you to Lauren,  Contemporary Indigenous Artist and proud Ngarabal woman. 

Her work is instantly recognisable, the bright bold colours and textures grab you, even amongst all the other things vying for our attention in our busy days.  Then you feel the calm stillness, the simplicity amongst the contrast.  Quickly you realise that the bright bold colours and shapes are not just the nature that surrounds us daily, but Aboriginal symbols and iconography.   Lauren uses her bright bold artwork to share the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, creating connection and curiosity for her audience.


 Art in all forms is such a powerful, important (and I think sometimes overlooked) platform to begin connection and conversation.  Lauren does such an amazing job of engaging a wide audience across many generations and groups, she’s actively achieving her goal of helping to educate the community about First Nations Culture.  

While Lauren is most certainly a local,  she hasn’t always lived on the Peninsula spending most of her childhood and early adult life closer to the city. When her and her husband decided to start a family they started searching for a slower pace of life, they moved on over and now it would be hard to find someone who is more in love with the area than Lauren. She said she realised the Peninsula was home the first time she drove over the Ted Smout Bridge onto the Peninsula “I knew it was home, it’s a real vibe”.

  Lauren strikes me as the kind of person who is never quite done, she always seems to have something left in the tank and always has a little more to give.  

When I asked her if there was one message she wishes she could share with the community, she answered  “We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home.”

– Australian Aboriginal Proverb

If you haven’t bumped into Lauren yet, you’re bound to at some time, most likely at an amazing place that you'd find equally amazing people but if you don’t want to risk a chance encounter…you can find her here

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Thank you for sharing lovely xx

Lauren Rogers

Congratulations Lauren for the beautiful artwork you’ve created since I’ve known you (briefly) plus the wonderful sense of beauty and positivity that you and your work bring to us here on the Peninsula. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts and allowing us to appreciate them time and time again. Bless you in your life journey 🙏

Barbara de Regt

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